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    Family Owned & Operated Since 1983

    Welcome to the website of Tint Masters, home of Ontario, California's best window tinting for all domestic and foreign automobiles.

    Whether you want to add some style to your vehicle or simply want further protection from the harsh sun, come to us to get your windows tinted quickly and reliably. We work hard to ensure that all of our customers receive top quality service. For a free estimate on window tinting for your vehicle, please call or visit Tint Masters today!


    I began tinting automobiles in 1977. In those days no one knew how to tint auto glass; the manufacturers would sell you the film and then it was up to us to figure out how to install it. From curved back windows, to roll up windows, it was a trial and error process to figure out the perfect technique for installation on each and every vehicle. During the 80's there were only a few tint shops and a high demand for our services. This high demand gave me no choice but to expand the business; with 6 tinters and 20-25 cars completed a day, things should have been great....but I felt that the QUALITY of the jobs leaving the shop had declined since the expansion. In order to bring the quality back up to my standard, I decided to downscale my business to a size that would ensure the best quality and price that could be achieved. Today, 33 years later I am still tinting with the help of a quality glass tinter who has been tinting since 1986; his workmanship is unsurpassed. During my career I have only used 4 manufacturers of film, LLumar, Solar Guard, SunTek, and 3M. I do not change lines of film unless they have quality issues; for example, fading or purpling, bubbling, peeling, and or adhesive problems. BOTTOM LINE...I do not test new products on my customers, but instead stick with products that I am confident in.

    Our Mission

    We are not the low price leader, but I feel that we install the best product and provide the best workmanship for the price....over 85,000 vehicles later, I am more than satisfied with the quality of work we do here at Tint Masters.